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BI can be the single most powerful tool in an organization – if used properly. More often than not, BI in large organizations suffers from major data quality problems.We offer a range of SAP products (certified by SAP) to comprehensively address issues pertaining to BI Data Quality, Monitoring and Management at the enterprise level.

Our SAP tools listed below ensure data quality of BI reports where the source data is procured from ECC/CRM systems. These are easy-to-deploy SAP plug-ins which could become integral to BI processes of a thriving enterprise.


SMART Master Data Manager – a SAP plug-in capable of BI Data Quality and monitoring – is the answer to an organization’s BI problem because the majority of problems in BI systems are related directly to quality of BI master data procured from ECC/CRM systems. A Source Master Data Engine ensures quality of the BI data fed from ECC/CRM.  Key benefits of the SMART Master Data Manager are:

  1. It reduces 50% of manual monitoring and investigation activities in the BI report generation system.
  2. Data Quality analysis is presented in business language rather than technical language, which enables better collaboration between business and IT and also fast resolution of issues on BI report generation.
  3. There is a user-friendly yet attractive dashboard which graphically represents the data quality reports.

All these features make the plug-in a one-stop shop for monitoring the quality issues of master data in the organization’s BI system.


The BI management capabilities like Source-to-BI reconciliation, proactive and timely source-data availability checks and BI transaction data validations are automated into a SAP plug in – SMART BI Manager. Key benefits from SMART BI Manager are:

  1. The timely monitoring on the master data and reconciling with Source (ECC/CRM) saves significant manual effort on the BI line. The plug-in reduces the BI maintenance costs by up to 60%.
  2. Easy to deploy. Doesn’t require third-party software support.
  3. Sports a user-friendly UI.
  4. A graphical dashboard presents the analysis in a business friendly language. All different kinds of reports – source data availability reports, source-master reconciliation reports, transactional data validation reports – are presented in a user-friendly interface, so that management can review the efficiency of the BI report generation systems.

These SAP Tools (certified by SAP) are created by our partners Whiztree. More in-depth information on the tools is available on their website (www.whiztree.com). For procuring these tools please Contact us.


E-Commerce is the new horizon of business in today’s digital world. Enterprises – big and small – are taking the online route to success. In an age of numerous online shopping cart solutions, choosing the perfect one could guarantee success.

SSL e-Commerce is a fully-featured e-commerce solution for B2B and B2C Sales & Marketing operations for companies of any size. It is web standards-compliant and incorporates the newest Microsoft web technology stack.


  • Powerful all-in-one solution to fulfil all your e-commerce needs end-to-end.
  • Beautiful, configurable and responsive front end built with an efficient and modern design approach – like using less CSS stylesheet components and including components like Twitter Bootstrap, etc.
  • Perfect shopping experience for the buyers provided by a combination of the innovative ShopBar, a powerful layered navigation, reviews & ratings and an optimized checkout process
  • Store optimized for mobiles, tablets and desktops
  • Creation of multilingual and multi-currency stores
  • SEO optimized rich product catalogues
  • Support for unlimited number of products and categories, variants, bundles, datasheets, ESD, discounts, coupons and many more.
  • A comprehensive set of tools for CRM & CMS, sales, marketing, payment & shipping/handling and all other e-commerce related activities
  • Easy to extend, extremely flexible and essentially fun to work with.


  • Ready to use product with scores of out-of-the-box features
  • Perfect UI design, modern, easily navigable and attractive
  • User friendly interface and functionality
  • Multilingual, SEO & Mobile-optimized
  • Modular structure ensuring take-what-you-need
  • Scalable to larger organizations


A robust framework built by the Microsoft technology stack.

  • State-of-the-art architecture thanks to ASP.NET 4.5.1, ASP.NET MVC 5, Entity Framework 6.1 and Domain Driven Design
  • Easy to extend and extremely flexible thanks to modular design
  • A powerful theming engine lets you create themes & skins with minimum effort thanks to theme inheritance
  • Consistent and sophisticated use of modern components such as jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, LESS & more in the frontend and backend.
  • Easy shop management thanks to modern and clean UI
  • Out-of-the-box shop design at the highest level
  • Revolutionary Shopbar for the best shopping experience
  • Point&Click Theme configuration


Smooth management of everyday HR activities is a sign of a healthy organization. Organizations need a packaged product to fulfil all their basic as well as complex HR needs. SSL HRMS is the solution to every organization’s HR activities automation problem. The user-friendly and highly efficient HRMS product automates all your HR functions and enables your HR personnel to concentrate solely on the people.

The modules are loosely coupled yet can share data between themselves in an efficient manner. Let us look at the comprehensive structure of the HRMS through the functionality of its various modules:

Employee Module

All activities related to an employee in the firm can be handled and managed with ease – Identity Management, Employment Formalities, Personal Information (Bank, Address, Family Details, etc.), Educational and Professional Information, e-Docket or Document Repository.

Time Tracker Module

Time tracker helps the management keep track of an employee’s working hours and subsequently produce reports which help to improve efficiency and productivity. The module can log both billable and non-billable hours and record time entries on a weekly, monthly and hourly basis.

Attendance Module

Management can track an employee’s attendance, earned leaves, average working hours and all attendance related data in a centralized dashboard. Attendance data is collected intuitively from employee’s log-in and log-out times. Visually appealing graphical attendance reports are an added advantage. The software lets you track this data even when you are on move and away from office.

Leave Management Module

This module simplifies an organization’s leave management process and lets the management record and monitor all types of leave across the organization: vacation, casual, training, sick days, etc. Management can also analyse absence patterns to maintain efficiency and reduce lost time. All this information can be obtained from a centralized view of all employees leave information and graphically appealing leave reports. The online leave application and approval process makes it easier for the employees. Another benefit for the employees is the custom leave types based on employee location, role & experience.

Recruitment/Transfer Management Module

The streamlined process for entering a new recruit into the system and also the ability to transfer an existing employee in a few clicks makes this module very effective and a must-have for any growing organization.

Assets Management Module

This module keeps track of the company assets in the possession of your employees at any given point of time. When an employee leaves your service, this powerful tool helps you to keep track of and monitor the return of the company assets.

Expense Management Module

Allow staff to scan or photograph and upload receipts, mileage forms etc. to reduce paperwork and keep a permanent account of all expenses next to their records.


The SSL Payroll System helps Small to Mid-sized enterprises automate and manage all their HR Payroll and Accounting related activities. It provides a systematic way of storing data and information for each individual employee to aid planning, decision making, and submitting of returns and reports to the external agencies.

The comprehensive system contains all the modules required to automate these integral business processes of an organization.

  • Employee, Agency and Contract Modules for management of the different employee types.
  • Payroll Module for management of payroll process by gathering data of employee time and attendance, calculating various deductions and taxes, generating periodic (monthly, quarterly or yearly) pay reports and employee tax reports.
  • Time Management Module to collate and analyse employee timekeeping information for the purposes of organisational cost accounting.
  • Recruiting Module to garner potential candidates for available positions within the organisation.
  • Training Module / Learning Management System to provide a system for organisations to administer and track employee training and development efforts.
  • HR Management Module to records basic demographic data of employee – training and development, skills and qualifications of each employee and also to automate the process of application for positions by capturing application data and entering it to relevant database.
  • Document Management Module to manage all the documents for the company.
  • User Management Module to manage the users with different role(s) to the system for the company.
  • Reports Module to view the consolidated reports based on the numbers in the system.
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Monthly Report
  • Yearly Report
  • Employee Status Report
  • Employee Dashboard

SSL Payroll automates all basic payroll and accounting functionalities into one single ready-to-use package.

Key Benefits

  • Faster information Processing
  • Greater information accuracy
  • Improved planning and program development
  • Enhanced employee communications
  • Establishment of streamlined and systematic procedure
  • More transparency in the system


  • State-of-the-art architecture based on ASP.NET 4.0
  • Easy to extend and extremely flexible thanks to modular design
  • A powerful theming engine lets you create themes & skins with minimum effort thanks to theme inheritance
  • Consistent and sophisticated use of modern components such as jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap.


The Digital Campaign tool provides end-to-end management of digital campaigns.  The tool enables Scheduling, Monitoring, Tracking and Reporting for multiple digital campaigns being run concurrently with different settings.

The tool also has a functionality for call tracking. Reporting features enable MIS reports to be generated for the management.

The tool employs Open-source PHP framework and Microsoft SQL database.

Energy Monitoring and Control devices and software installed in the industrial, commercial and household sectors – at publicly used utilities like Water, Gas and Electricity – play a significant part in improving energy efficiency of an organization. Installing these systems not only reduces the cost and related overhead but also the carbon footprint generated by the organizations.

Our Ethernet or Wi-Fi enabled devices and software capture real time energy data which can be accessed from any location over a cloud based platform. The sophisticated devices with our embedded software systems when fitted as sub-meters for individual circuits, premise, floor or area monitor the consumption pattern of granular levels and subsequently control the consumption based on certain defined conditions.

Different parameters like KWh, Voltage, Current, frequency, power factor, temperature, humidity, occupancy, pressure, flow, lux etc can be monitored by using our advanced energy monitoring devices.

The aim of these energy monitoring devices is to ensure effective use of energy by improving efficiency and reducing wastage in areas known for high and unnecessary consumption.

The software in our energy monitoring devices is a comprehensive one, allowing users to monitor different aspects of energy consumption and hence help them to take necessary measures. Here are a few things you can do with the energy monitoring systems embedded in our devices:

  • View consumption pattern – weekly, hourly or yearly – for sites where the system is installed
  • Access the software dashboard remotely (data transmitted over Wi-Fi)
  • View a graphical dashboard with a GUI compatible for mobile phones and tablets
  • Control the device – set alarm or start/stop a trigger – from the software GUI

For more details on the Energy monitoring devices, please Contact us.