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Project Description

The Problem:

Our client had an old legacy data system hosted on an on-premise environment. They needed someone to guide them all the way through to migrating their entire system to a modern ERP system hosted on a cloud-based platform. The old system needed to give way to this new ERP system without data loss and data corruption.

The Srindusoft Solution:

Srindusoft came into the picture at this stage and carried out the entire process of transforming the old legacy data system to a cloud based enterprise solution. We provided consulting and business information during envisioning the project. We started on the implementation of the system by setting up the ERP suite on the preferred cloud platform and customizing the modules based on the requirements of the client. Even after hosting the system we continued providing support in terms of minor and major enhancements, timely maintenance processes and defect resolution.

Technology/Skills Used:

We migrated all data into an ERP system – Oracle ERP fusion suite.