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Project Description

The Problem:

Loan Worker Protection (LWP) is a Romex solution based on the GPS enabled mobile phones. It can be used to take control of the remote workforce by delivering key employee monitoring software on their GPS mobile phones. This cost efficient system utilises existing assets within the business and thus avoids both the cost of another piece of hardware and the need to carry two kits at all times. Srindusoft was entrusted with the task of  Quality Analysis of this system. We had to make sure that the system which was live in production – being used by employees and tracked by the management – was in perfect working condition did not have any bugs.

The Srindusoft Solution:

Srindusoft provided comprehensive Quality Analysis services in this project. The following list of services were provided by Srindusoft.

  • Testing services, bug fixing, enhancements of the product
  • Deployment of the product over the air on a weekly/monthly basis
  • Services in integration Testing
  • Testing and documentation of the modules for ease of maintenance

The end product churned out by Srindusoft was a bug-free fully-working software product.

Technology/Skills Used:

The entire spectrum of QA skills was employed in this project. We used testing automation tools (like Selenium and QTP) and performed end-to-end, black box as well as performance testing. We also used automated deployment in this project.