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Project Description

The Problem:

The Marist School wanted the installation and commissioning of a Passive Optical Fibre Network within their school campus. The major challenge with respect to implementing the network was the 7 separate buildings in the school premises including building interconnect commissioning.

The Srindusoft Solution:

Srindusoft successfully implemented the network migration project at the Marist School. We put our designs on paper and went through substantial rework before choosing a suitable topology for the proposed network. The signal had to pass through large stretches of the optical fibre network and we knew there was a chance of noise and weakening of the signal strength. We paid special attention to installing signal amplifiers along the path. The end result was a strong and robust network for the entire school.

Technology/Skills Used:

We had to go through the entire process of network infrastructure. We designed the network topology and then installed the cable and network devices to complete the infrastructure.