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Project Description

The Problem:

The project we worked on was POP Regroom CR -77. The list of requirements was clear… and long. This was a big project which we handled right from the start to finish. The client had a basket of requirements which had to be delivered within a short timeframe. The project involved the following services:

  • Increase capacity at the PoP sites as part of the overall CR 77solution
  • Add new MDA’s and config to ports on new MDA’s, install fibers to ports on new MDA’s and perform the same for all other IOM cards
  • Configure a Physical Link between POP and DLE
  • Instruct the FE at one of the affected DLE sites to do a EU experience test
  • Confirm all VPLS services are coming back
  • Move and Configure the VOD ports, GRN multicast port and RSA ports and interfaces, troubleshoot any issues.
  • Apply IP filters using SAM 5620 as required and stated in MOP
  • Filters are applied to the VoD server SAPs within the image VPRN
  • Applying a Sap Ingress\Egress Policy to a service.
  • Network and Queue policies, SAP Ingress/Egress policies and service policies
  • SR7 to BRAS – PPPoE Transport
  • Remote Access to nodes from client location to test the performance
  • Perform backups of the POP BRAS and the SR7
  • Move and Migrate VPRN, VLAN, VPN and SAP’s
  • Reconfiguring old management links
  • BRAS to SR7 – IP Transport
  • Creation of VPRN and modify the old VPRN service parameters
  • Configure new ports for GRN LAG connection
  • Troubleshooting OSPF issues
  • Auditing of all the SR7 sites Reporting writing of any issues and re-configure correctly accordingly to the designed document
  • Documentation each and every phase of the project

The Srindusoft Solution:

We worked on the migration project to increase capacity at all major DC Vodafone PoP sites as part of the overall CR 77 solution. We strongly believe the success of the project was in the feasibility analysis and planning phase which was carried out in collaboration with the client. We divided the large set of activities into the smallest possible components and after that only we started on the execution of those pre-defined activities. There were bound to be unprecedented events which could have caused delays, but our impeccable planning helped us execute such a big project within the stipulated timeframe and budget.

Technology/Skills Used:

In this multi-faceted project we had to use sophisticated network hardware and install them at the client locations. We had to install networking software within the nodes in the system. We had to perform network administration activities as well.